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The Twin City Opera House still has plenty of mysteries left to unravel

Get ready for your next great adventure. Your visit to the Opera House may include any number of interactions. Some may be apparent right away: a noise, a touch, a disembodied voice, sounds of singing, the sound of footsteps, seeing a shadow person, etc… Others will become apparent when you listen to your recorders or watch your videos. The Opera House never fails to provide evidence of the unexplained.

You may encounter Everett Miller who was the Usher at the Opera House for 30 years. He still watches over the opera house and has been contacted and seen numerous times during investigations. You will quickly recognize him by his white suit.

Victoria could be on the stage singing and performing.

You might hear the giggling of 10 year old Elizabeth or her friend Sara. You might even be lucky enough to see them peeking from the catwalk. 

Red Wine Robert enjoys interacting with paranormal investigators by answering questions through EMF devices and he has also been heard on EVP’s stating “I’ve got Red Wine”.

Gloria has her chair in the basement and doesn’t like people making a mess in the Opera House.

Perhaps the spirit of John Leezer will make an appearance. He was fatally stabbed in the ballroom in the early 1900’s during an argument over a young lady who was present.

You may even see the Shadow Man who we believe is Sheriff Horace Porter. His duty ended on September 7th, 1905 outside the Opera House’s East side alley door . It was here that a deranged town resident snuck up behind the Sheriff, shooting him four times in the back of the head. 

For years investigators came to the Opera House  looking for a darker encounter. They looked for the Dark Shadow Masses that lurk deep in the basement. These Black Masses were observed by dozens of people near the blocked off tunnels that ran under the town and would occasionally growl, throw stones, kick chairs, or drastically drop the temperature for those who get too near. One Black Mass was captured on 2 different DVR cameras on June 6th, 2009. We named him Charlie. After years of investigation the United Paranormal Project determined that Charlie was a thought form, or negative energy being as some call it, created from negativity that was going on in the life of our founder Eric Glosser in the early 2000’s. Eric passed in 2021 and Charlie has not been seen since.

Hundreds of EVP’s have been captured at the Opera House and many well know investigators have visited the location. 

Every part of this historic building has paranormal activity and it has been recognized as one of the most haunted buildings in Ohio.


The Twin City Opera House has appeared on A&E Bio Channel’s My Ghost Story, the SyFy Chiller Channel’s Phantoms of the Opera and in Kent State University’s Book, Ohio’s Historic Haunts by James Willis. It also appeared on Season 2, Episode 4 Behind the Shadows Internet Television Show.