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When you go to the sub-basement you will find a blocked off entrance to the towns underground. These Tunnels connected the four corners of the town square and allowed people to pass under the streets. Even though the tunnels have been blocked off since the 1930’s there are still rumors of who, or what, would be in them. One of the most common statements made by those who have visited the Opera House in the past is to see Charlie. It is amazing. Everyone who comes to the Opera House wants to see Charlie. Well, who was Charlie?

What we have found out so far

We aren’t sure if Charlie was ever alive. We aren’t sure if Charlie was male, or female. Some Psychic Mediums say he is evil. Some say he was a very bad person in life, therefore he is a bad Spirit in death. Some say Charlie is a poltergeist. Others say he is something from another dimension, making his way through the portal in the basement.

We do know that when Charlie would come out to play the room would get very heavy, like you feel when standing in a sauna. Some people would become nauseous, and some would get a headache. Many would have to leave the area. And when Charlie came out, all the other Spirits of the Opera House would disappear.

When the United Paranormal Project started investigating the Opera House in the early 2000’s we met up with Charlie. As we investigated more and more, Charlie’s presence and energy got more intense. At one point the Founder of UPP, Eric Glosser, stated he was giving a tour to a team prior to their investigation. While in the sub-basement he felt himself being laid back and levitated…..and then he was dropped from about a foot off the ground. Eric was a 300 pound man and the team that witnessed this had no reasonable explanation on how he did it. Eric swore that it was Charlie who had picked him up and dropped him.

After a particularly bad time in his life Eric met the new “Love of his life” Carla, and his moods and perceptions became more positive. The same was true of the Opera House. As our team investigated we noticed that Charlie was present less and less and we also noticed less dark activity in the sub-basement. We believe Charlie was a thought-form, a poltergeist, a negative ball of energy, or whatever you want to call it. He was accidentally created due to the trauma Eric had from getting hurt and no longer being able to work. As his new life with Carla brought joy and happiness back into his world there was less and less negative energy to feed Charlie. So Charlie weakened and was present less and less. Unfortunately Eric passed in the summer of 2021. Charlie has not been seen since.