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Elizabeth was born to parents Robert Lowery (the Stage Hand at the Opera House) and Victoria, (a Stage Performer at the Opera House) in 1893. Her parents were never Which was very a very scandalous happening in the late 1800’s.

Elizabeth lived with her Mother in West Virgina, while her Father remained in McConnelsville, Ohio. Due to the situation she did not get to see here father for a few years after her birth. Eventually her Mother started performing at the Opera House again and she and Elizabeth would travel to McConnelsville with her on the weekends . Whenever Victoria performed at the Opera House she would allow Elizabeth to watch the show from the catwalk with her father.

One weekend in 1903 Victoria was scheduled to perform at the Opera House. She and Elizabeth were staying at the Kennebeck Hotel that night and since Elizabeth was sick with a very high fever, she didn’t attend her mothers performance. Elizabeth was 10 years old. After the show finished Victoria returned to the Hotel and found that Elizabeth had died from the high fever. Devastated Victoria never returned to McConnelsville.

We believe due to the love of the Opera House and longing to see her father Elizabeth returned to the Opera House and has been there ever since.

The United Paranormal Project captured the clearest EVP we have ever heard and it was from Victoria. In distress she said “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I swear I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.” We believe this was Victoria trying to send a message to Elizabeth.

After capturing this EVP in 2007 a paranormal group called Legend Trackers was investigating at the Opera House. Retired Pastor Rick Cassidy was talking to Elizabeth in the Catwalk when he captured her name. At the time we did not know who she was or what her story was. Rick asked questions and he captured an EVP from Elizabeth saying “I Forgive”, which we later realized was Elizabeth forgiving her mother Victoria for leaving her alone at the Hotel.

Elizabeth is a very special spirit. She loves to play with her toys in the catwalk and she travels throughout the Opera House. It seems some of her favorite things are to play with flshlights, turning them on and off answering investigators questions. Sometimes you will hear a little giggle while you investigate, or even hear a stone being thrown in the sub-basement, this is typically Elizabeth or her best friend Sara.

Elizabeth is known for traveling outside the Opera House and following teams home after an investigation. She is known to have followed at least six people home that we are aware of.

“In 2022 I hurt my left arm while working in my shop. Since I was running all the paranormal investigations at the Opera House it was nice that it was a slow month and very few investigations were set up in the heat of July. About 3 weeks after my surgery my wife and I were laying in bed. I was laying on my back with my right forearm resting on my forehead and my wife was laying on her right side. My wife proceeded to ask me if I had poked her in the forehead. I said “No”. A few minutes later I felt a small hand squeeze my right index finger. It wasn’t my wife. So I told the girls they knew the rules and needed to head back to the Opera House and that I would be down soon to visit with them. Ever since that night, if I don’t get down to the Opera House every three weeks or so, the girls travel to my house to visit.

Sam Taylor, UPP Director / Case Manager”

Elizabeth consistently communicates with us and when the night is right we hear and communicate with Robert and Victoria as well. It seems the 3 of them are together now.