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Everett MIller

Everett Miller worked as the Usher at the Twin City Opera House for 30 years.


Morgan County Herald 1956

The late Everett Miller was born and spent his lifetime in this village. For 88 years his daily life was an open book to his small town neighbors. We believe they will join us in saying that he conformed to the picture of what a citizen should be. He was industrious, he was moral and he lead a useful life. He was a consistent christian. Older residents who recall his youth, will identify him with activity and enthusiasm in sports. He loved the great American game of baseball and was himself a most excellent player. As a bowler in the old days when the game was popular in McConnelsville, he was among the best. The life of Everett Miller was not spectacular. He never acquired fame or great wealth, but everyday found him in his niche, doing his duty, supporting his family and worthwhile things of the community where he lived. Most everyone here liked and respected Everett Miller as a good man and a good citizen and they will all miss his cheery greeting, especially about the courthouse. Everett Miller was an Usher at the Twin City Opera House for 30 years and is believed to still walks the aisles performing his duties.  For a man who respected everyone he encountered and brought cheer into the lives of others, paying tribute to Everett Miller in this fashion seems befitting of a man of his nature. 

There have been many reports of Everett Miller still being on duty at the Opera House. Some claim they have seen him and others have recorded his voice during paranormal investigations