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When you go to the sub-basement you will find a white rocking chair. That rocking chair magically showed up at the Opera House the summer of 2020. During that time there was a lot of renovation going on with electrical and HVAC. We know the chair didn’t “magically” appear out of no where, but to this day we have no idea how it actually got there. A few of the UPP Team Members were immediately drawn to the chair. As a result, on July 11, 2020 the members present sat in a circle and unknowingly to most, held a seance. We filmed a one hour and thirty six minute Facebook Live Video while sitting in the dark. From this interaction we determined that the chair belonged to a woman named Gloria.

What we have found out so far

Gloria was a resident of McConnelsville, Ohio. From interactions with her we found out that she worked at the courthouse at one point. The chair was hers’. As the night progressed and we tried to figure out who she was and why she was there, the story of the Spirits of the Opera House grew deeper.

We received information that Gloria is Sara’s mother. She had come to the Opera House to watch over Sara and Elizabeth. She is very much the protector of the girls and watches over the Opera House. During the renovation Gloria became extremely agitated when the construction workers left garbage and debris at the end of the day. She told us this very clearly. She primarily stays in the sub-basement, but has been known to travel throughout the Opera House.

If you do happen to walk over to the chair,ask permission before you sit in it. If she doesn’t want you there, you will feel it.