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Public Ghost Hunts

The United Paranormal Project (UPP) offers Public Ghost Hunts at the Opera House a few times each year. These investigations are designed to give novices and people with an interest in the paranormal a chance to experience one of the states most haunted locations. The evening starts with the history of the Opera House and information about the spirits we have identified. This is followed by a tour of the building with the lights on. You will be given the latest information about activity hot spots and the latest information that has been given to us from recent private investigations. Then, it’s lights out. You will spend the rest of the evening investigating in the dark with one of our team members.

We recommend that you bring a flashlight, and you are welcome to bring any equipment you may have. We ask that if you do have equipment, please don’t bring any devices that may disrupt the experience of others who may be attending. The UPP Hosts will have some equipment to share during the event.

Many of the people who attend our public events have never been on a formal paranormal investigation. So if you have an interest in the paranormal, this is the perfect time to come visit the Spirits at the Opera House.

There are only 12 spots available.

Minimum age for Children is 13 years old.

Children age of 13 to 17 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

If children become a disturbance to the rest of the participants they will be asked to leave. Please discuss proper conduct with your children prior to arrival.

Please bring photo ID the night of the investigation.

Everyone should bring a small flashlight to navigate around in the dark. If you have twisty mag lights, they work the best. Bring a couple with you if you can.

 Registration begins at 9:30pm in the Opera House lobby.

 The investigation goes from 09:45pm until 3:00am.

We can only accommodate 12 people. After 12 people have registered the event will be sold out and no additional people will be able to attend.

All payments for public investigations are Non-Refundable / Non-Exchangeable / No exceptions. No Tickets are issued. Simply show up and give us your name. We have a list of who bought spot(s) and how many were purchased.