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“Red Wine” Robert Lowery

Robert Lowery was a stage hand at the Twin City Opera House starting at it’s inception in 1892. Robert was a married man, but became intimate with Victoria, a regular performer of the Opera House. The affair resulted with Robert becoming the Father of an illegitimate little girl named Elizabeth. Robert continued to work at the Opera House, getting to visit Victoria and his little girl whenever Victoria traveled to McConnelsville up to perform. Devastated with his daughters death at the age of 10, Robert began to drink heavily and died just a few years later. An EVP of a man was captured in the catwalk saying “I’ve got Red Wine”.

This was the start of something very special at the Opera House, a friendship between the founder of the United Paranormal project, Eric Glosser, and a male spirit named Robert Lowery… aka. “Red Wine Robert”.

In the catwalk you will find an old dresser against the wall. This dresser is covered with wine bottles and glasses from visitors trying to make contact with Robert.

Robert particularly likes communicating through the old Ghost Meters, EMF Detectors, and Twisty Mag Flashlights.

Robert has answered hundreds of questions over the years and confirmed that he was indeed the father of Elizabeth, that he had an affair with Victoria, and that there were a total of 14 spirits in the Opera House. Robert really liked the ladies, and he also like his wine. When it came to the ladies, he has said that he likes them with red hair and big busts, something the actress Victoria (Elizabeth’s mother) had, but his wife did not. Robert still likes the ladies, and several have reported being touched and caressed by his presence on the catwalk. It is believed that Robert is still there today hanging around the catwalk.

Robert consistently communicates with us and when the night is right we sometimes get to hear and communicate with Victoria and Elizabeth as well. It seems the 3 of them are together now.