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Everyone needs a best friend. From what we know, whenever Elizabeth and Victoria would come to McConnelsville, they couldn’t wait to see Sara. Sara was a little girl born around 1893, the same time as Elizabeth. She lived in McConnelsville with her parents, but was never allowed at the Opera House, as young ladies didn’t go there. Sara and Elizabeth quickly became best friends and would play while their parents were busy.

In 1903 Elizabeth came to town with her mother for a performance. Due to being sick and having a high fever Elizabeth passed away in the Kennebec Hotel. From multiple investigations and research the United Paranormal Project determined that after Elizabeth’s death, Sara became very distraught and depressed. This was something that followed her until her death at the age of 92. At that moment, Sara made a decision to come back to the Opera House and spend time with her best friend Elizabeth. The two have been inseparable since. From playing with their toys in the catwalk, to throwing pebbles in the sub-basement, the girls are always around. If you listen closely you may hear their giggles, or even see them looking around corners at you. They can be shy, but once they warm up, you will be aware of their presence. Recently there have been multiple teams that have physically seen the two of them, one brunette haired little girl and one blonde.

Sara really enjoys the flashlights. She likes to turn them on and off answering investigators questions. Like her friend Elizabeth she goes on journeys outside the Opera House grounds. So once you visit the Opera House remember to tell the girls they can’t come with you.