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Arrival time at the Twin City Opera House is 9:30PM on the evening of your investigation.

Each person will be required to sign a release and hold harmless indemnity form.

You may park at any of the meters around the Opera House, as they quit checking them after 5:00pm on Friday and do not check them at all on Saturday. Additional parking is permitted after 5:00pm at the rear of the Opera House in the First National Bank Parking lot.

The Opera house has Electricity, A/C, Heat. WIFI, and Functional Bathrooms, so weather is not an issue for your investigation.

A Host will be present with you throughout the night if there are any questions or problems. The Host is there to guide you and get you started allowing you to experience a real paranormal investigation. This is your investigation and we recommend that you take the lead if you feel comfortable in this situation.

Some paranormal equipment may be provided. As mentioned the building is heated and air conditioned, however you may want to wear a coat in the cooler months as it does get chilly in this big building. 

When this preliminary registration is done you will be given the hitory of the Opera House and a tour of the facility. If there are sensitives or mediums who want to “go in blind” we recommend that they stay in the lobby during this portion of the evening. The time of the history and tour will depend on how many questions the group has and how much information you want to know about the Opera House and its Haunting’s.

After the tour is completed you will be able to get your equipment and get prepared for your investigation.

Your investigation concludes at 03:00am.

You are permitted to bring non-alcoholic drinks into the lobby area along with any food you may need. We request that you help keep the Opera House clean by cleaning up any messes you or your team makes.

 If you have any other questions about the Opera House, please feel free to contact us at:

This is truly an amazing building that is loaded with Spirits from the past.